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When you are going out with a date, especially if it is your first date with the girl you like, there are rules that you have to keep in mind. The first thing is to maintain eye contact and no, it is not about staring at the girl as if you are some love-starved dude. Do that and you will surely end the night pretty quickly before you are even able to shake off that nervousness and anxiety. What this means is that when you are talking to your date, look at her in the eye as much as possible. Because being unable to look at her straight in the eye will tell her that you are not confident and or uncomfortable and this may also cause her to feel awkward. Making her feel awkward is something you would want to steer away from.

There may be those occasions that it can be a bit difficult to not look at the hot girl on the other table but as a rule, keep yourself from doing so. Or at least, if you cannot help it, do not be too obvious about it or better yet, just do not do it. It is also important that you listen to the girl when she talks and it is not like what you do back in your college days or high school days during math subject or during that philosophy class. Listen to her not only with your ears but with your eyes. And make sure that you understand what she is trying to share or say. By doing so, you will make her feel that she is valued and important and this in turn projects a positive image of you in her head.

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There is nothing wrong in flattering your date once in a while. People in general love to be complimented but make sure that when you do, you are sincere about it. This means that your compliments should be timely and at the same time, true. Randomly doing so will just give her the impression that you are just creating a ruse and this is bad for you. Another important practice is by being a gentleman. Pulling out a seat for her, holding her arms as you two cross the street and opening doors for her are some gestures that you may want to instill in your head.

Last but not the least is being prompt. Being prompt means being on time and not being late especially if it is your first time going out with this particular girl. Remember, first impressions often last until you can prove them otherwise but the point here is: Have some etiquette. That will make you more presentable than any other branded clothing or perfume that you wear.

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