postheadericon Tips In Pursuing A Cougar

Dinner Date

“Cougar” is the term used by young men to refer to women who are older than them whom they find seductive and appealing. And the fact is that it has become a growing trend for the past couple of years as opposed to older guys dating younger ladies. Now, if you are a young man planning to date that attractive lady next door but you are unsure how to do it, it is best that you keep the following in mind:

Experience: Expect that the cougar is someone who has more experience than you and are more familiar with how men behave in …» Continue Reading: Tips In Pursuing A Cougar

postheadericon Tips In Dating Younger Women

Dating Asian Women

These days, it is common to see older guys dating younger women. Though there are varying reactions when it comes to this topic, it seems that it will remain a trend in today’s dating scene. If you are someone in your late twenties or probably even older and you are attracted to someone who may be a couple of years younger than you but you do not know how to handle the young lady, then the following tips may work for you:

Be Someone Cool: Relax and take it easy. Try not to be someone else because younger girls can easily through it …» Continue Reading: Tips In Dating Younger Women

postheadericon Indoor Activities For The Young Couples


It feels good to be in a loving relationship however it is also important that you continuously nurture it with more love and care whenever there is an opportunity. Though there are too many obligations to accomplish, it does not mean that your relationship will be left to become stale. In fact, you do not necessarily have to leave the house just to enjoy each other’s company. There are a number of things you guys can do to keep the relationship spicy like:

Cook Together: If you guys or at least one of you knows how to cook, you can take this opportunity …» Continue Reading: Indoor Activities For The Young Couples

postheadericon Planning Your Christmas Date In Advance

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It is just a couple of months before Christmas day and it is not surprising for most people to be preparing for it in advance. The same goes for lovers all over the world. In this time of the year, you want to make that special date to be very memorable and preparing for it as soon as November is perhaps a good strategy starting with:

Choosing A Specific Date: Do you plan to go out on a date exactly on Christmas Eve? Or perhaps a little bit earlier that day? Going out somewhere a few days earlier may also …» Continue Reading: Planning Your Christmas Date In Advance

postheadericon Dating Asian Women

Dating Asian Women

More men are dating Asian women and even tie the knot after some time. Online dating has become popular these days. It made things easier for different races to meet without having to fly far to other countries. But then traditional face to face dating is still preferable by most since long distance dating can be quite hard.


Tips for dating Asian women

Interracial dating is quite interesting because of the cultural differences. It has a lot of challenges too because both has to adjust because of different upbringing and culture. Traditionally more conservative are Asian women compared …» Continue Reading: Dating Asian Women

postheadericon The Benefits and Downside of Speed Dating

Speed Dating

Speed dating has gradually grown in popularity for the past couple of years. Even though some people tend to raise an eyebrow upon hearing stories about it, the truth is that speed dating has helped a number of single individuals find the spice they are looking for. If you are planning to attend a speed dating event this coming weekend, you may want to consider some of its advantages and disadvantages:

Convenient: Participating in a speed dating event ensures that you get to meet someone. Unlike with traditional dating, there is no chance of you being stood up by your date since speed …» Continue Reading: The Benefits and Downside of Speed Dating

postheadericon Advantages of Speed Dating

Speed Dating

People are too preoccupied with too many things these days. Ever since internet technology was introduced, people’s lives have changed drastically. Imagine, majority of the people today are almost often glued online particularly through social networking websites almost 24/7. At the same time, they are too busy working to make up for their daily financial struggles thanks to the current global economy.

Looking at these factors, you might wonder if some of these people still have a life at all, particularly a love life. The sad truth though is that a growing number of individuals no longer have the luxury of …» Continue Reading: Advantages of Speed Dating

postheadericon Some Tips On Flirting

If you are going to look up the definition of flirting in the dictionary, you will see a variety of meanings such as behaving in an erratic manner or in an amorous manner without serious intent, and approaching or showing casual interest or liking to a person. However, in the present day, flirting has become vital in every relationship and even for those who are in the getting to know stage. Flirting, if used properly, can do wonders for both guys and girls alike. Furthermore, it makes interactions more exciting.

Perhaps the most important thing that you have to keep in …» Continue Reading: Some Tips On Flirting

postheadericon The Things That Are Important In A Relationship

Nurture Relationship

A relationship is not a one-manned vehicle. As they say, it takes two to tango. Relationships are not perfect and couples will encounter obstacles as they go through the relationship. However, it does not mean that the relationship is doomed to fail. Common problems in the relationship like infidelity, differences, boredom, and lack of communication to name a few have solutions and can be prevented. And in order to prevent them, there are things that a couple should practice in the relationship.

One of the first things that lovers should practice and strengthen is communication. Unfortunately, this is one of the …» Continue Reading: The Things That Are Important In A Relationship

postheadericon Some Common Problems In A Relationship

A relationship is not always smooth-sailing and one way or another, problems will start becoming eminent. This is not being pessimistic but rather, this is just being realistic. No two individuals are alike and there will always be differences between two people that can potentially start a conflict. Some of the most common problems that the people in a relationship experience are infidelity. In most cultures, there is an unwritten rule of exclusivity especially when it comes to sexual matters. And infidelity is a breach of this rule. It also comes in another form called emotional infidelity, an act wherein the other person …» Continue Reading: Some Common Problems In A Relationship